Friday, 29 July 2011

This Week In Social:

Facebook App for iPad revealed, The White House brings back the Rick-Roll, Google+ traffic falls, Sergio Aguero tweets his arrival to Manchester City and Twitter will add flagging option to links


iPad Facebook app found hidden inside iPhone app


TechCrunch didn't waste any time getting hold of the Facebook iPad app that was hidden in the iPhone app update, they even took a dozen pics and showed off the app that Apple fans have been craving. The app makes the Facebook experience far richer and more in-depth, such as giving happy snappers out there access to direct uploads to their iPad.

You can read the story from TechCrunch here.


The White House tweets out a Rick-Roll


You may remember the craze of RickRolling that even YouTube got involved with on April Fools 2008, it was where your friend sent you a link and instead of seeing a trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV you got Rick Astley's greatest hit Never Gonna Give You Up. 

The official White House Twitter account posted this response to David Wiggs regarding fiscal policy, "@wiggsd Sorry to hear that. Fiscal policy is important, but can be dry sometimes. Here’s something more fun"

This garnered a lot of attention by the mainstream press such as the BBC but most importantly got positive retweets and mentions from Twitter.


Google+ traffic sees first fall


It has been reported by Mashable that the latest social media craze Google+ has seen a dip of 3% in traffic. Not only that, users average time on the site has also fallen by 10%. This is the first time that Google's latest social product has seen a stumble in terms of growth. Last week in social showed that Google+ had reached 20 million users and was first to reach 10 million out of the major social media platforms.


Sergio Aguero tweets before official announcement from Manchester City


Twitter is often first for breaking news but in this case, Argentinian superstar footballer Sergio Aguero broke the news that he was signing for Manchester City before any official announcement. The player had a arrived for a medical but Manchester City had said that talks were still ongoing. This tweet from Sergio Aguero was retweeted by many fans and was used by news outlets to announce his signing.

You can read more about the transfer here on MCFC.


Twitter gives option to flag tweeted links

After seeing an unfortunate but predictable rise in spam links that are not safe for work on Twitter, there has been an option added to flag links so that other people will get a warning before they click it. This will help to reduce the power of spreading viral links that try to scam individuals or just aren't suitable for certain audiences. 

You can read more on Gizmodo.


After such a good week for Google+, has it fallen victim to the novelty-factor? What do you think about the option to flag tweets? We think it is an excellent feature because it will help to stop those @ mentions from suspicious accounts we all see from time to time. Will you be counting down the days until the official Facebook iPad app gets approved in the App Store? Please leave your comments in the section below...

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