Friday, 28 October 2011

This Week in Social

Twitter's Expandable Timeline

Twitter is testing an expandable timeline that allows users to see media and related information inside the timeline instead of in the sidebar. The redesigned timeline allows users to click on individual tweets to expand conversations, media, and retweets. Read more on the changes to Twitter on our blog.  


Google+ Comes to Google Apps

Google has announced several new features for Google+, including the ability to use Google+ from a Google Apps account. When Google made Google+ available to all users earlier this Autumn, people who use Google Apps for work or personal use were left out in the cold. Google Apps users will now have access to the same set of features that are available to every Google+ user. Continue reading on Google Enterprise.  


The Guardian Luanches Twitter-Based Search Bot

The Guardian unveiled a Twitter-based search bot Thursday. Users can search for content on The Guardian‘s website by tweeting a question or keyword(s) to @GuardianTagBot. The bot will immediately tweet back a link to a search results page on Read more on the Guardian Blog.  


Klout Tweaks To Make Score More Accurate

Klout has tinkered with its method for determining social media influence and it may affect your score on the platform. The new scoring model “represents the biggest step forward in accuracy, transparency and our technology in Klout’s history,” Ash Rust, director of ranking, announced on Wednesday.

More information on the changes is available on the Klout Corporate section.

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Friday, 21 October 2011

This Week in Social

 Timelines are suing Facebook

This week Timelines have begun pursuing Facebook in a law suit over the apparent copyright infringement relating to Facebook's new Timelines feature. Timelines feel that the people at Facebook could have at least contacted them for permission to use or license the name but they have not.

Continue reading on the Timeline website.


 Facebook improves mobile Messenger

Facebook are excited to announce an update to Messenger. In this version, they've included several new features and performance improvements designed to make the messaging experience even better. Now you can see who's online and who's on mobile, and know when the other person is typing. It's also easier to send messages to the people you message most.

Carry on reading on the Facebook Blog.


 Foursquare announces Plan Your Next Trip

Plan Your Next Trip uses Foursquare’s Explore API to build an engaging travel itinerary for your next destination by sourcing the best, most popular places to fill your day and night with. With suggestions starting with breakfast in the morning and ending with watering holes at night, as well as points of interest and places to rest in between, you’ll never have a dull moment.

Read more here.


 LinkedIn Classmates

LinkedIn Classmates provides high-level insights about alumni of your school, as well as access to the more detailed professional profiles they’ve shared.  It can help people explore possibilities, see what classmates have accomplished since graduation, make connections with old friends and find opportunities.

More information about this is available on the LinkedIn Blog.


 Google+ adds Hashtags

Google Plus Hash tags

A feature has been released in Google+ to support hashtags, meaning that including one on a post will link your word to a Google+ search on that subject. Basically, including a “#” before a word in your post will turn it into a clickable link which leads to a Google+ search on that specific word.

Read more here.

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Friday, 14 October 2011

This Week in Social

 Facebook's iPad app finally here


Facebook has finally launched its official iPad app, after months of speculation and leaks. Facebook for iPad, now available in the App Store, looks very simliar to the version that was leaked in July. The app is designed primarily as a consumption experience.

Continue reading here.


 Manchester City strike deal with YouTube

Manchester City has become the first English Premier League team to sign a content deal with YouTube, letting the club control its rights-owned and club-created YouTube videos, as well as manage the advertising around its content. You can visit Manchester City's YouTube channel here.

Carry on reading on The Next Web.


 Foursquare introduces Radar


Initially Foursquare was centered around making the world easier to use and focused around sharing what you’re doing and building expertise, with features like checking in, tips and recommendations. Now, if you follow a list, Foursquare will let you know when you’re near to a aplce on that list. Or if you save something to your To-Do List it reminds you when you’re close.

For more information visit the Foursquare Blog.


 StumbleUpon surpasses 20 million users


 In the past 16 months, StumbleUpon, the personalied discovery engine has doubled its user base. It now has more than 20 million registered users who “stumble”. A "stumble" is clicking a button to load a webpage. The site has picked out, based on users’ preferences and behavior, more than 1 billion web pages every month.

Continue reading here.


 Twitter secures "tweet" trademark

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Earlier this week Twitter won their battle to trademark the term “tweet”. Twitter and Twittad have been in a legal struggle for years over the trademark. Twitter has argued that the term “tweet” was famous as a Twitter term before Twittad secured the trademark. The courts have thus far disagreed.

More on this story on Mashable.

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Social Media Usage in the UK [INFOGRAPHIC]

In recent years social media platforms have grown rapidly in popularity. The popularity of these sites, along with their interactive functions means that nowadays is seems everybody is on some form of social network be it Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn.

With this increase in popularity it is interesting to see which of these different platforms contains the highest percentage of active users. Facebook dominates across all age brackets and with 55% of over 65's on Facebook, we're going to see some long timelines! Also with 95% of 18-24 year olds having an active Facebook account this indicates how influential one social network can be.

UMPF have put together this helpful infographic to show active users across different social media platforms.


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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Current State Of Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wondering what's the current state of social media? Look no further.

With rookie Google+ setting up shop over the summer and Twitter hitting the news left, right and centre this year, you would have been forgiven for thinking Facebook's reign was under threat. But in relative terms the people's favourite retains it's crown by a very long way and continues to show further growth.

With it's new Timeline feature set to reinvigorate the social network, the gap between Facebook and the competition is arguably wider than ever - even taking into consideration Twitter's total users are around the 254M figure now.

Our friends at One Lily have put together this helpful little nugget to illustrate where we're at.



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Friday, 7 October 2011

This Week in Social

 Facebook Will Turn Off FBML 1st June 2012

In March, Facebook announced a full transition to iFrames, phasing out FBML. Since March, page admins have not been able to create any new FBML apps, but apps which were already in existence remained functional until the deprecation was scheduled to begin. Facebook announced at F8 the official deprecation date of all FBML endpoints will be 1st June 2012. This is the date when any remaining FBML modules inside of Facebook will cease to function. 

For more on this story visit the Wildfire Blog.


Wildfire and LinkedIn Bring Social Media Monitoring to B2B World

Wildfire have partnered with LinkedIn to bring their Social Media Marketing Suite to the LinkedIn platform! With Wildfire, companies on LinkedIn can create and manage social promotions to generate leads and grow their followers.

Continue reading this story visit the Wildfire Blog.

Wildfire Helps Launch New Facebook Insights


Several weeks ago, Facebook selected Wildfire to help advise them on the development of the new metrics for Facebook Pages. These metrics are being launched this week by Facebook and Wildfire have integrated them into their own analytics dashboard. Some of the most notable new data points Facebook launched today include Friends of Fans, Reach, Engaged Users, and People Talking About This.

Read more on the new metrics here.


Facebook Launches New In-Line Translation Tool


Facebook has quietly introduced a new tool that makes instant inline language translations appear with a single click. This is different from Google’s translation tool this opt-in service is powered by Bing and works on individual posts on Facebook Pages and comments.

Continue reading on Mashable.


LinkedIn Launches Company Status Updates

company follower homepage


Today, LinkedIn  launched Company Status Updates, enabling companies to broadcast messages to its company followers. Now, LinkedIn users who 'follow' certain companies will be able to receive more information such as breaking company news, employee moves, job opportunities, or updates on products and services directly from those companies.

Read more on the LinkedIn Blog.


Twitter Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs with 6,000 Tweets Per Second


CNN called Steve, "The Edison of our times" and people paid tribute to the Apple innovator by taking to their Macs, iPhones, and iPads to tweet their condolensces. Trending topics were dominated by Steve Jobs and Apple hashtags after his death, with a peak of 6,000 tweets per second.

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