Friday, 12 August 2011

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Facebook Groups Topics, Religion Dominates Facebook, Twitpic Owner Launches Twitter Clone, London Riots Social Media Helps the Cleanup, Klout adds more services and Twitter adds Photo Sharing for All Users

Facebook Clusters Topics in Newsfeed


Facebook has been trying to figure out its News Feed since it launched in 2006, and of course because it’s Facebook every time it changes absolutely anything it seems to throw users into turmoil. Earlier this week the company launched the latest incremental step in its quest to try to make sense of the sheer amount of realtime data it processes aggregated topic clusters in the Facebook newsfeed. Now should your friends be sharing posts with similar themes,such as going to see the same movie, you’ll see a single news feed story that lumps them together.

For more information on this story visit TechCrunch.


Religion Dominates Facebook


Music, sports, and politics create quite a noisy racket on the social network, but it is clearly religion that once again gets users to interact with pages the most. From Jesus Daily’s thunderous week to a returning option looking to prove it isn’t a one appearance wonder. With an untouchable one million engagement increase from the previous week, Jesus Daily earns its top spot with an immense 3,782,249 interaction total. Holding its ground in fourth, The Bible sees 1,014,523 responses.

More on this story is available at AllFacebook.


Twitpic Owner Launches Twitter Clone


The founder of Twitter photo sharing site Twitpic, has launched a new site, called Heello the site wasn’t open to the public for a year later but it looks like the curtains have finally been drawn on Heello. At first glance, it seems a lot like Twitter. You create a username, which is @'username' and you can connect with Twitter and Facebook. You share what you are doing on the site with 'Pings' which is a140 character update where you can attach a video, photo and/or your location.

More on this story is available at TechCrunch.


Klout adds Blogger, Tumblr, Instagram and


Klout has now doubled the number of services it measures to determine your online influence adding Blogger, Flickr, Instagram, and Tumblr to its scoring system. Klout which celebrated its three-year anniversary this week originally only took Twitter activity into consideration. Two years later Klout added Facebook. In June, it began factoring in LinkedIn and within the past month it integrated Foursquare and YouTube into its algorithm.

More on this story on the Klout Blog.


London Riots Cleanup Influenced By Social Media


After days of riots in London and across the rest of the United Kingdom, thousands of Britons and worldwide supporters were taking to social networks to help reclaim the streets of Britain. While rioters took to the underground paths of BlackBerry Messenger to organise, the highly spreadable platforms of Twitter and Facebook have shown to be the perfect platforms for mobilising the cleanup organisers and followers in the early aftermath of the rioting.

You can read up on this story at Mashable


Twitter Rolls Out Photo Sharing for All Users

The new feature allows users to add images to their tweets. Users will now find a camera icon on the bottom of the “What’s Happening?” box on Twitter. Clicking it will let users select a picture to upload, which they can then preview before sending it to the world. Tweets containing photos include a link to, along with a thumbnail of the attached picture.

More on this story at TechCrunch.


What are your views on social media's role in the UK riots? Do you discuss or like religion on your Facebook page? Has your Kluot score been influenced by the new services? Please leave your comments in the section below...

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