Friday, 19 August 2011

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Google+ Hangouts Can Now Be Initiated From YouTube, Foursquare allows to check into events, LinkedIn New App, Facebook on this day and Watch the Big Lebowski

Google+ Hangouts Can Now Be Initiated From YouTube


Google has quietly rolled out yet another feature of its Google+ social network, letting users click Share from any YouTube video, revealing an icon that suggests watching the video with friends in a Google+ hangout. Google didn’t formally announce this new feature, instead revealing it via product manager Brian Glick on Google+, where he casually mentioned it like so "You can now start a Google+ Hangout with a YouTube video, directly from YouTube. Watch with your friends. :)"

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Foursquare allows you to check into events

It’s one of the most common check-ins on foursquare, you head off to a movie theater, check in, and type in ‘Harry Potter’ to tell people what you’re seeing. Or check in to a stadium and shout ‘Patriots game’ or ‘Lady Gaga concert.’ Sometimes, people will even create a new venue, like ‘U2 at the Meadowlands,’ to make sure they share the concert with all their friends. In moments like this, a place is often more than just a place; so today, Foursquare has started to pull major events into their database allowing users to check in and see if their friends are their.

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LinkedIn rolls out new mobile app


LinkedIn is becoming an essential part of how millions of people do business, they designed a completely new user experience to help professionals be even more productive on the go. The mobile app is focused on eight or nine different core functions, the new LinkedIn apps have four key areas: Updates, Inbox, You and Groups. The updates feature lets you view a newsfeed of activity from your network. It also lets you check out news from LinkedIn Today.

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Facebook 'on this day' feature


The world’s largest social network is getting nostalgic! Facebook has quietly rolled out a new feature that displays status updates you posted exactly one or two years ago. The feature appears as a small box in the right-hand column above the advertising, either titled “On This Day in 2010″ or “On This Day in 2009.” The “On This Day” box appears typcially whilst you’re browsing a photo album.

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Watch The Big Lebowski on Facebook

The cult classic The Big Lebowski is now available to rent on Facebook. Coinciding with the film’s Blu-ray release, fans of the Coen brothers comedy can rent the film directly from The Big Lebowski Facebook fan page. Facebook continues to gain ground as a movie rental platform. Last month, Paramount Pictures brought the Jackass film series to Facebook and Warner Bros. continues to make more titles available on the social network. For this release, Universal Pictures is doing something more unique with its rental offering by giving fans a way to interact and share their favorite parts of the film online.

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Have you noticed the 'On this day' feature? Would you watch the Big Lebowski on Facebook? What are your views on the new LinkedIn app? Please leave your comments in the section below...

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